Guide to install VPN for Mac OS X

1 - Download Tunnelblick

The first thing you need to do to configure TheVPNCompany is to download Tunnelblick for Mac OS X

2 - Install Tunnelblick

Start the installation by clicking in the file that you just downloaded. Go through the installation process.

3 - Download the configuration you want

Access to your TheVPNCompany account and download the configuration file.

4 - Import the configuration file

Double click in the tblk file. Alternatively you can hold Ctrl label and Open.

If you see a message that says "Install Configuration For All UsersOnly Me.

5 - Connect to TheVPNCompany

Tunnelblick should be in the activity tray in the top right corner of your screen. Click the icon to connect to the configuration file that you downloaded.

6 - Finished

You should be connected to TheVPNCompany safely and be able to browser the internet safely. To make sure that everything was set up correctly, please use Is Vpn Up ? tool.

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